If you are looking for a particular skill set that is in scarce supply, we can combine the capabilities of our Recruitment and Technical training divisions to source the right people for the job and ensure that all personnel are trained in the specific tools, techniques and skills needed for the work.

Hire.Train.Deploy Program (“HTD”) helps to employ local resources for Niche IT skills and be trained by our specialist trainers without any upfront investment from your end.

Through our HTD program we source graduates as well as experienced consultants and train them in the latest technologies.


Talent acquisition is the most critical part of business today, and businesses need to stay ahead of the most recent recruiting trends to gain the best talent required. Morling Global finds the right candidates from different sources, trains them on the exact skill set required by the companies, and deploys them with the clients once the training is finished. This way, companies save a lot of time and money and get the resources with the exact skill set and technology for the project.

Companies are eagerly searching for capable trainees, graduates, and professionals to start work immediately, but without investing in many resources training them. To help our clients to find a capable employee, we developed a training program, which benefits both parties. We have developed a selection program, which joins fully trained employees with a company in need of their skills and talent.


Hire Train & Deploy


Benefits of Hire, Train & Deploy staffing services are :

Faster resource identification: Hiring the right resource is a time-consuming task. Morling Global  has a ready pool of candidates who have undergone processes like pre-screening, aptitude tests, interviews, etc and are ready to be deployed.

Effective placement: We guarantee smooth on-boarding and final placement of candidates by taking care of processes like placement offers, salary-related formalities, etc. Since the candidate is appropriately selected and trained, there are chances that the placement will generate more ROI.

Cost-effective: Training the candidates for the specific project requires setting up infrastructure which can give them practical hands-on training. Hire, Train & Deploy service provider has a dedicated team and infrastructure to train the manpower on various skillsets and innovative technologies. This way you can save money on investing in setting up the infrastructure and team inside the organization.

Better monitoring: Hire, Train & Deploy service provider ensures regular monitoring of the progress of the candidate. There experts and coaches who train the candidates and ensure that the candidate’s skill sets are updated with the latest developments in the industry.

Our Selection Process

Our selection process for finding and developing fresh talent, honing their existing skills, and helping them learn new skills for entry-level positions is what makes us different from other consulting and staffing companies.

We have worked with several notable businesses in the past and have helped them find the ideal candidate that meets all their requirements to fill an available position. The advantage our clients receive by partnering with us is hiring an already trained professional, ready, and determined to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our clients will receive an extraordinary experience with us, as we employ educated and trained consultants who possess vast knowledge about the technology sector and receive ongoing training to ensure they stay up to date on all industry-related news.






Based on discussions on what our client’s requires, Morling Global  uses its proprietary sourcing strategy to attract the top technology talent in the country


By executing our custom designed 8-week classroom training program, we transform the hires to future ready technology professionals


We deliver job-ready technology talent for your hiring pipeline, who may now select for on-the-job training. This significantly cuts down onboarding time so you can focus on your pipeline success


Take your hiring decision only after you are satisfied with their on-the-job performance. Rest assured; our talent seamlessly integrates with existing technology teams.


  • 3R’s – Attracting the RIGHT candidate with the RIGHT background and RIGHT skillset
  • Outreach – Creating a dedicated database of local IT talent who are ready for company led training.
  • Project Needs – When the project requires qualified local resources with Cat 1 clearance
  • Uncertainty – Investing time and resources to train graduates without a guarantee on results.
  • Recruiting – Difficulty in balancing the speed of hire with quality of hire and drop out issue



Future ready candidates

Get access to a pool of qualified local candidates intensively trained in upcoming technology areas.


Custom Trained for Your Environment

We create exclusive talent pools that are custom trained to meet your technology needs and business goals, as well as work with you to enhance your existing talent and provide resources with hard-to-find skills.


Cost Effective Talent Acquisition Model

Save the costs lost to recruiting, training, IT infrastructure and mis-hiring. We also offer you a NO obligation on the sot incurred for further training the candidates you’d like to be trained before selectin them for on-the job training.


Hiring Flexibility

Have a discussion on your talent pipeline and choose only the number of candidates you’d like to be custom trained. The cherry on top? – We train more than what you require at no additional costs to help you eliminate the risk of replacements and/or staff augmentation.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Our candidates come to you well versed in the tech skills you need, so you can integrate them into your OJT right away —increasing productivity by up to 80%.



3R’s – Attracting the RIGHT candidate with the RIGHT background and RIGHT skillset

Shortage of Local talent for Niche skills

Need to Invest time and resource for Skills development.

High cost in Sourcing and Training the candidates

Retention of the candidates after training

Retention of employees with Niche Skills

Advance training while on the job




Cost effective, value add business model


Robust credentials and track record of success


Low-risk resource solution as Morling Global  retains full accountability for consultants


Excellent retention and service continuity for up to 2 years


Specialist recruiters engaged to screen and hire the right candidates with right attitude and background that are aligned for the training.


Flexibility to select the number of trainee’s required after training and clearing test.


Senior consultant support for the trainees across 12 months of OJT at no additional cost.





  • Our recruitment team sourcing & hiring local graduates/mid-level experienced professionals via multiple tiers of interviews by Morling Global and client.



  • Training for the selected candidates for a period of 4-6 weeks. This training is customized as per the client and/or the project requirements.
  • Mentorship and guidance throughout the program.
  • Continuous monitoring and weekly progress report.
  • Final Written technical test as well as presentation on the Application or Use Case developed during the training by the candidate for client evaluation.



  • On Completion of the classroom training, the trainee’s will be deployed in OJT (on-job-training) for the next 6 -12 months. During this period, our Senior consultant will support the trainee with technical queries during the OJ.



  • During the OJT period, our Senior consultant will support the trainee with technical queries.
  • Every quarter survey is conducted on trainee’s learnings in OJT. Based on the survey results further advance training are provided.
  • Mitigates the risks to the client by ensuring success rate, absorbing employee attrition, providing warranty & replacement



  • At Morling Global, we understand that a truly consultative approach is the best way to meet our clients’ and candidates’ needs. We work in conjunction with our clients to accurately understand their organizational challenges and business objectives while providing comprehensive, intelligent, value-added recruitment and consulting services. Leveraging on our know-how on the enormity of the technical landscape across our clients, our service models are in effect designed to be as flexible and agile as possible. ​
  • Training at Morling Global is the result of a collaborative effort with our clients which helps us build an end-to-end customized training plan across specialized technologies. In our approach, we strive to understand our clients working environment and technical requirements; the result of which is not only a tailored training program, but also a tailored recruitment strategy to help our clients find the right candidates across seniority, government security clearance requirements, local language skills and cultural fit.​
  • In conducting the Hire. Train. Deploy program, our delivery methodology complements our commitment to being customer-centric ensuring that every step we take is geared to maximize the learning curve of our recruits as well as the positive experience in dealing with us.