MATLAB Projects

1) Image Retrieval using Both Color and Texture Features

2) Scanned Compound Document Encoding Using Multi scale Recurrent Patterns

3) Fast Query for Exemplar-Based Image Completion

4) Morphological Background Detection And Enhancement Of Images With Poor Lighting

5) Color Image Segmentation

6) Boundary Detection in Medical Images Using Edge Following Algorithm Based on Intensity Gradient and Texture Gradient Download Features

7) Face Detection

8) Color Local Texture Features for Color Face Recognition

9) A New Filter for Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise

10) Medical image authentication using ROI

11) Pulse width modulation of Z-source inverters with minimum inductor current ripple

12) Dual Buck half bridge Voltage Balancer

13) Modeling and analysis of canal type small hydro power plant and performance enhancement using PID controller

14) Control of grid interfacing inverters with integrated voltage unbalance correction

15) An efficient ac–dc step-up converter for low-voltage energy harvesting

16) Power-management strategies for a grid-connected pv-fc hybrid system

17) Implementation and control of an hybrid multilevel converter with floating dc-links for current waveform improvement

18) Calculator GUI

19) Signals Waveform GUI

20) Digital Clock and Calander

21) Photo Puzzle game

22) ATM System

23) Traffic Control System

24) Traffic Supervisor

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